Wild Things Hot Water Bottle Cover

Pattern: Wild Things Hot Water Bottle Cover by Twig & Tale

Fabric: Upcycled Wool Blanket

This is a pattern for super awesome hot water bottle covers. When lisa at Twig & Tale announced this pattern I couldn’t wait to get it because I use hot water bottles all the time. They are perfect for when you are sick, achy, or just need to warm up the bed. Even better, lucky lucky me got picked to test this pattern, so I got it a little bit early.


I had bought this wool blanket from Goodwill. I was saving it because it was too warm, soft, and perfect. But, the colors was exactly what I needed to make this fox water bottle cover. Isn’t it perfect? I used fleece for the white and quilting cotton for the tummy, eyes, and nose. Those were both purchased at joanns.


The opening for the water bottle is on the back center. The bottom and top overlap slightly so it doesn’t show through. The pattern has an option for a button closure and different ways to finish the edges. But, I put cut the pieces along the edges of the blanket so I didn’t have to bother finishing them.


This pattern is so fast to make. I already have a few people in mind that I think will really enjoy one next winter.

Plus AWESOME BONUS…..it’s currently on sale until this Friday. Get it for $6.80 USD (normally $10). https://www.twigandtale.com/products/wild-things-hot-water-bottle-covers




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