Finlayson Sweater

Pattern: Finlayson Sweater by Thread Theory

Fabric: Forest Green Terry

I actually made this sweater several months ago but decided to share it because it was so well received. I made this one from an unknown green terry fabric. I purchased it as an online clearance. I wasn’t sure if hubs would like it but he wears it regularly so I guess it was a hit. His favorite part of this pattern is the collar. I actually love it too and love how it all comes together.

When I cut this pattern out and started sewing it I had to pin the neck band on a couple times in order to wrap my mind around how it attaches. But, once I “saw” it, it made so much sense.



I actually made two of these sweaters. One for hubs and one for my dad. I didn’t get a picture of my dad’s but it is a really awesome yellow. It is also made of a much thinner material without the same body and structure. It gave the sweater and interesting relaxed look.

But, back to this one. I sewed this entire think together with my serger except for the black cotton material I used for the back facing. This part was optional but I thought it made the finished item look a lot more professional.

I didn’t get a picture of the waist band, but, there is one there. The sleeves are also finished with bands. You could hem them instead but so much easier to just attach bands. This is a really good pattern if you want to make a super comfy gift for a guy in your life. If you want to check it out you can find it here.



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