Olive Star Jersey Dress

Pattern: Olive Star by Ottobre Design

Fabric: Blue and White knit

This is the first pattern I have made using a pattern from the Ottobre Design magazine. It is a fashion/sewing magazine based in Finland. I think its an awesome deal because it comes with at least 20 patterns that are seasonally appropriate. This pattern was from the 3/2014 issue which was a summer issue. I actually purchased this back issue because of some super cute shorts I saw. That’s for another post though.


I don’t even remember where I got this fabric from but it is a medium weight jersey knit. I’ve had it sitting around for a while and when I picked this pattern from the magazine I thought it would be really cute with this fabric. So, bonus, I didn’t buy more fabric lol. I hemmed the bottom edge by folding under and serging to create a faux band. The neck and arms I just finished with a serge.

This was really fast to sew. It is a little short on her so would also work with shorts or leggings underneath. One thing to note is that if you haven’t used a pattern from a sewing magazine before, be prepared for tracing. Careful tracing. The patterns all come on a couple sheets of paper. The sizes and patterns are all overlapped in different colors. I can be a little confusing but if you take your time it is pretty easy.

Here is one last photo from our little photo shoot. She decided she didn’t want to take anymore pictures but I thought her oh so serious face was oh so cute!



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