Barefoot Romper

Pattern: Barefoot Romper by Twig + Tale

Fabric: Sew Classic Linen look

The barefoot romper is a new pattern from t&t. It’s a unisex romper pattern that is perfect for boys or girls.It’s pretty awesome because it has a ton of options so you can customize it for the look you want. For example I wanted to make this one loose and relaxed so it would be comfortable for playing in the backyard and just generally running around. But, there are also options for different pocket styles, different straps, and leg lengths. Check it out here.

Like all patterns from t&t the instructions for this pattern were super easy to follow. She includes lots of pictures with her pattern instructions which is great and makes them easy to use for all different sewing levels. I made this romper out of a green linen blend from joanns. I used a couple buttons I had sitting around to attach the shoulder straps to the back.


You can see here the legs turned out a little long because I decided to make a 3T for Boo who is 2 and pretty consistently wears a 2T now. I figured I wanted it to fit comfortably all through the summer coming up so I went with a size larger.

I also hand sewed the button holes in the straps because my sewing machine REFUSES to make button holes. It isn’t really that hard to sew button holes but it does take a little practice. I’m still working on it.

I’m really happy with how this turned out. I bought this pattern as soon as it released but have been so busy with work and life I couldn’t make it right away. The linen blend is awesome because it’s light and easy to wear. I’m sure we will get lots of use out of this one!



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